San Juan Fiberglass Pools NJ Construction

San Juan Fiberglass Pools the key to Quality and Strength

Fiberglass Pools are not all the same. The big difference in fiberglass pools is how the pool is actually
constructed. Each San Juan Fiberglass Pool is made with a minimum of 5 hand laid layers of fiberglass.

What does this actually mean for the fiberglass pool ?

A stronger fiberglass pool. Using hand laid fiberglass, you get a consistent level of thickness throughout the fiberglass pool shell. Of course this means it is more expensive to produce, but the benefit of this outweighs the cost. Mostly all of the other companies that produce fiberglass pools construct their pools with fiberglass that is shot out of a gun and in pieces and then glued together. If you were hanging from a building which would you rather have a rope that is continuous or one that has been constructed with pieces and glued together.

Which do you think is stronger?

– A continuous piece is much stronger than one made up of pieces.

When you spray fiberglass out of a gun you will never get a consistant layer and your pool shell will be compromised. The construction of a fiberglass pool is almost the same as a fiberglass boat.
There is a reason why a 24ft boat from one company is 35,000 and another company is 65,000. Its due to how the boat is constructed and with what kind of materials.

In the Nj area we go through the winter with whats called a freeze thaw cycle. There is constant movement happening underneath the surface. Its this movement that creates most fiberglass pool failures. Having a pool that is produced with hand laid continuous fiberglass vs fiberglass shot out of a gun is less likely to have a failure. This video will show you how a San Juan Fiberglass Pool is constructed. Before you make any fiberglass pool purchase in Nj, or any other area, for your own benefit find out how the fiberglass pool is constructed.

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