Pool Resurfacing

When you think of plastering, most people normally think of the smooth, white plaster surface that turns a sparkling blue when filled with water, but there are actually many choices that can be made. Clear View Pools offers and array of different types of finishes with many different colors that will can be designed to fit your taste and budget    





River Rok

Is a Natural Pebble Pool & Spa finish which is pre-blended with premium natural pebbles and fortified Portland cement. River Rok “Natural Pebbles” resemble nature in all her splendor. SGM’s unique computerized pre-blending process results in the most consistent “Natural Pebble Pool & Spa Finish” available today. River Rok retains its original finish and beauty even after years of exposure to nature’s elements. Our natural pebble finish provides the pool owner with a dramatic array of possibilities in transforming a good landscape into the perfect waterscape.      


Solid as a rock

River Rok is a durable and timeless as the ancient rocks all around us.  SGM’s computerized blending process creates the most durable interior pool finish available today.  Because the stones are naturally non-porus, algae isn’t at home in an easy-to-clean River Rok pool.     






Hold a smooth river stone in your hand


Feel the rounded surfaces of a river rock – now imagine millions of pebbles tumbled and turned until every edge is gently worn away.  River Rok surfaces are never uncomfortable and are always consistently beautiful.  River Rok will never erode or wear away. SGM’s unique process means River Rok will keep it’s original finish even after years of exposure to nature’s elements.  




The colors of the natural world River Rok’s natural beauty blends with the environment.  Replace steps with gentle slopes…transform sharp angles into contoured designs…River Rok is a foundation for natural elegance.  There are six colors in the River Rock Natures Collection — each one has a spectacular effect on the color of your pool as sunlight grows and fades throughout the day.  Or design your own custom color to harmonize with the landscape.




Diamond Brite™


Finishes are blends of selected quartz aggregates and fortified white portland cement ideal for new or re-finished swimming pools.  Available in a variety of colors and textures.  Diamond Brite finishes are factory blended to provide the pool owner with an extremely durable and attractive alternative to traditional pool coatings.








Why Diamond Brite ??? 


• Superior Bonding • High Strength and rapid curing • Extremely etch resistant • Ease of Application • Aggregate exposure easily controlled • Pumpable • State-of-the-art polymer modification of the cement used in DB, increases hardness,  improves bonding and reduces water penetration. • Resists chemical attack by aggressive pool water. • Unique and custom blended finishes that accent your landscape • Slip Resistant – Ideal surface where wet, slippery conditions are a concern. • Extremely durable – Made with natural quartz, nature’s hardest and purest minerals. • Comfortable on bather’s feet • Stands up to the harshest pool environments • Insoluble Quartz aggregates • 10-year warranty • SGM screens and trains certified applicators







Is a luxurious, marble pool finish by Aquavations — it combines larger, naturally tumbled, clear quartz crystals and colored marble along with white Portland cement and a variety of other performance enhancing ingredients to create a crowning pool coating. A silky smooth texture, combined with the proven durability of exposed aggregates, are two prime features of this state-of-the-art pool finish. With unique color selections and natural variegated appearance, Aquavations Hydrazzo complements all poolscape designs. This polished pool surface creates a finish that is naturally resistant to spot etching, topical stains, permanent scale and algae adhesion.  


Time-Proven Natural Ingredients The most beautiful pools in the world are surfaced with the hand-polished magic of Aquavations Hydrazzo. It’s the smoothest, richest and most luxurious surface available, formulated from time-proven technology and the earth’s finest raw materials. Aquavations Hydrazzo combines naturally beautiful coarse graded crystalline and colored marble, along with white Portland cement and a host of other performance-enhancing ingredients to create the ultimate pool coating. Toughness…Without Roughness. The secret to the Aquavations Hydrazzo finish is the final step: polishing the surface to a brilliant luster, and thereby unlocking the marble’s natural beauty, and it’s extraordinary strength. The color is breathtaking, achieving a soothing, color-intensifying effect. Aquavations Hydrazzo is the “smooth sensation” in exposed aggregate pool finishes, friendly to fingers, toes and swimsuits 

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