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Inground Pool Building NJ

If you are about to embark on pool building nj there are some important things that you need to consider. Each swimming pool construction concrete,vinyl, and fiberglass has its own benefits and disadvantages.

Concrete/Gunite Pools


  • Limitless design capabilities-High end look (There are some things that can not be done effectively with other types of pools. For example beach entries and multiple elevations.)
  • Animal friendly and can withstand physical abuse.
  • The structure is self supporting.


  • Most expensive pool in our market.
  • Most expensive and difficult to clean and maintain.
  • Surface is porous and most susceptible to damage caused by water chemistry. High or low ph, hard or soft water or any metal content will damage the pool surface.
  • Must be resurfaced every 7-15 years at considerable cost.
  • Plumbing is very expensive to repair as it is encased in concrete
  • Perimeter tile, which is necessary for theses pools, is beautiful but requires maintenance and is susceptible to freezing damage.
  • Surface can be rough on the feet and skin.
  • Correct installation takes months.
  • Being concrete, it is prone to cracking and concrete cracks are very difficult to repair permanently.
  • Pool is manufactured on site and there are very short if any warranties on pool surface and pool structure.

Vinyl Liner Pools


  • Pool components are manufactured in a controlled environment by machinery and have long manufacturer warranties.
  • Easy and least expensive to repair as the pool consists of components. If the liner tears it can easily be fixed in most cases.
  • Replacing a liner is much more economical than resurfacing other types of pools.
  • Can be custom designed to any shape and size and can achieve the high end look of a concrete pool without the high cost.
  • Some standard shapes like L-shapes provide a combination of large diving and shallow play areas.
  • Countless liner designs and color choices.
  • Smooth surface is easy to clean and maintain and is skin friendly.
  • Quality structures are self supporting.


  • Liner may tear or scratch if abused or if animals claw the sides of the pool. If pets use the pool they must be trained to walk out using the pool stairs. (Note: You get additional protection from thicker liners. Ask your pool professional for warranty information.)
  • Liners usually need to be replaced every 10-15 years, (with the exception of thicker lines that last longer.)
  • If drainage around pool is not properly addressed or if pool leaks out the liner will float.
  • Liner is susceptible to low water PH and can be damaged if chemicals are not used properly.
  • Certain types of vinyl pool structures may corrode and become useless or need major repairs.

One Piece Fiberglass Pools


  • Manufactured in a controlled environment by people, which is good if experienced craftsmen and good molds are used.
  • Smooth surface is easy to clean and maintain and is skin friendly.
  • You can see exactly what you get.
  • Pet friendly to a certain extend.
  • Quick installation times.


  • Even the largest fiberglass pools are at best average in size. Advertised sizes don’t represent the true size of the usable pool. Dimensions given are not water edge to water edge as is the case with other types of pools but also include the part of the shell that is not visible in the final installation. Especially with free-form shapes, because advertised sizes are max. width X max. length, you may end up with a considerably smaller pool that you bargained for.
  • Can not be custom designed.
  • Surface can be damaged by high water PH.
  • When the surface fades or deteriorates, it is very difficult and expensive to resurface and in most cases the original look cannot be achieved.
  • The structure is not self supporting and may collapse or buckle if emptied.
  • Difficult and expensive to repair and has the potential for very extensive damage. Under certain scenarios or if the pool develops a leak, the pool shell may float or buckle.
  • Suspiciously short warranties on some color surfaces and no warranties against floating or buckling.

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